The safety equipment every office should have

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Emergency Equipment: What You Need In Your Office

Every business, no matter how big or small, whether an office, a retail space or a restaurant, presents risks – no matter how big or how small. Because of these risks, every office needs to make sure that they have some standard fire safety equipment. I’ve listed the three common items EVERY business needs below. Chances are that if you don’t have these things you are not only risking the safety of your staff members but you may be in breach of a number of laws – these differ depending on your location.

First Aid Kit – From a paper cut to a broken bone or sprain, every office needs a well-stocked first aid kit. Further, you should make sure that somebody in your office is trained in first aid to ensure that any staff member can be treated if they hurt themselves. First aid training is easy and inexpensive. Just do a quick Google Search of first aid training and your location and you will find a number of providers.

Mess Cleaning Kit – Sometimes things get spilled around the office and you need to ensure that any mess is cleaned up in an appropriate timeframe. A mess cleaning kit could be simple cleaning kit through to a biohazard kit. This depends on your business and what you may be storing in your business. If it’s just water that has been spilt you need a mop and some warning signs so people are careful around a wet area. If it’s chemicals, you need to minimise the exposure of anyone.

Fire Extinguisher & Fire Blanket – F inally, every business should be prepared for the risk of fire. You should get a fire extinguisher and fire blanket. There are 6 different classes of fire, each that should be fought with a different fire extinguisher. You need to make sure that you have the right fire extinguisher for your circumstances. You should think about the most likely fire risk you face.

If you want to improve the safety in your business we can help. We specialise in fire safety equipment but we can also refer you to other businesses if you need help. Please get in touch today.