Portable Fire Safety Equipment

Portable Fire Safety Equipment

Portable fire equipment is used as you first line of defence against a fire. They are also known as fire extinguishers, fire blankets and hose reels.
Fire Extinguishers

The star of the show, Fire Extinguishers are mandatory for all businesses in QLD for insurance reasons; however, they are crucial for peace of mind in the home as well.

They are easy to use and depending on the type, can be used to put out any type of fire.

There are 5 main types of Extinguishers;

You can read more about the different types here.

Extinguishers require a service every 6 months.

Hose Reels are usually attached to the building. They can be pulled out for 36 metres and have a constant jet of water up to 7 metres long.

Hoses can be attached to either a fire engine or fire hydrant.

Hose reels require a service every 6 months

Fire Blankets

Simple but effective, Fire blankets are made from woven fibreglass.

They can be used to smother small stove fires or to wrap around the body to escape larger fires.


Fire Blankets require a service every 6 months.