Organise a Flow Test or Boost Test

Gold Coast City Council Approved to test council hydrants
Fyrepower is now approved with the use of a Gold Coast City Council stand pipe to flow test fire hydrants on council land. This service can be used by a Hydraulic Consultant as well as Builders, Plumbers and Insurance companies.

The above people use this service to see what hydrant system the town mains can handle, report on completion of new buildings for fire compliance, help trouble shooting where the problem a council one or owner of the property (example: A property doesn’t meet requirements internally, we can the test a external hydrant if the council one fails then its up to council to have the problem resolved) if it internal the plumber can do further investigations, Insurance company can ask for it for compliance

Arrange Hydrant Flow Testing

Annual hydrant flow testing is a requirement in accordance with AS1851 & AS 2419.
A McCrometer Hydrant Flow meter is used for this test. This meter will measure the flow rate and the pressure rate of the water flow from the fire hydrant.

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