Hydrants & Flow Testing

Hydrants & Flow Testing

Fire Hydrants exist to protect life and property from the perils of fire. The fire brigade uses the hydrants as the main source of water when fighting fires and it’s very important to keep them always in great condition. The legislation states that your fire hydrants are to be inspected twice yearly, flow tested yearly on the the most disadvantage and it needs to be overhauled or replaced depending on the brand every 5 years.

There are a lot of different flow rates depending on when and where they were installed. It can be a feed or attack hydrant or it can be attached to a pump (which is also an attack hydrant).

The age of the building also influences the minimum system requirements. Lots of fire companies will flow to the modern code then wonder why it fails… If you don’t know what code your hydrant should be flown at check with your local fire brigade as they might know. Otherwise find out when your building plans were approved and we can generally work from there.

Fyrepower Fire Protection prides itself when it comes to testing fire hydrants. We have two different types of flow meters and have seven in total. We are constantly getting them calibrated.

We hire council stand pipes so we can legally test street hydrants and we use our own fire truck for boosting hydrant systems. We provide this service for hydraulic consultants, plumbers, gated complexes, other fire companies, high rises and shopping centers.

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