Emergency & Exit Light

Emergency & Exit Light

Emergency/exit lighting and when it is needed

Emergency and exit lights work in the event of a power outage and are essential to any safe evacuation.
Emergency and exit lights require a service every 6 months by an electrician

Here is a few of those scenarios:

Emergency/Exit lights are being used during a fire to assist people to exit the building quickly and safely. When there is a fire it can be smoky and it might be hard to see.

The emergency/exit lights will show you where the nearest fire exit is.

If the power cuts out the emergency light will illuminate to make it easier to see the exits. Staff needs to knows where the fire exits are. They also need to familiarise themselves with where the emergency exit routes and evacuation assembly area is.

Emergency /Exit lights can save lives during a fire.

Power Outage
During a power outage the Emergency system activates by illuminating the emergency/exit lights. It is powered by a battery. Staff can use them to navigate to an exit. In a big building this is especially crucial.

The emergency lights can also be activated if an emergency evacuation is necessary. It can be because of any threats like bomb threats or natural disasters. A clear exit path will be important. Maintained emergency/exit lights

Maintained lights are always on and is illuminated through the mains power. When the power fails the battery system will kick in.

Emergency/exit light inspections
At fyrepower our testing are done by a licensed electrician. This way if there is any defect, with the customer consent, we can fix you exit and emergency lights, and keep it working effectively during an evacuation.

Emergency lights need to be tested and maintained regularly.
A 6 monthly inspection is the prescribed period for business premises.
At Fyrepower Fire Protection, we test and inspect lights according to the AS 2293.2 standard.
We can set you up for your regular 6 monthly service. If you’re a building owner, you need to make sure your lighting systems are installed in accordance with the Building Code of Australia.

If you have any questions about emergency or exit lighting, contact us now.

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